BEEN is the studio of michael a. estrada, exploring the representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color throughout media. BEEN was founded with the mission to shift collective cultural imagination around BIPoC by amping what already exists and creating what doesn’t.

Through photography, essays, poetry, design, film, and collaborations with friends, BEEN seeks to carry the narratives, arts, and beauty of Brown and Black into the future through the intimacy of imagery and naming.

BEEN also has a grant for BIPOC artists. In the future, there’s plans for an Artist in Residency. If you can help toward this goal, please do reach out via DM or email.

© images, content, and all copyrights therein are the property of BEEN Media. Please do not use or reproduce any images or text in whole or in part without the mutual consent of BEEN Media. 
photo credits and web design by founder:
michael a. estrada