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Established in December 2017, Brown Environmentalist began as a personal project and platform to amplify the stories, contributions and leadership of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the environment, especially as told through a BIPOC lens. BE(EN) was started by artist Michael A. Estrada/noyekim (he/him) in response to the narrow and misleading narratives he saw taught during his time as an environmental educator and, prior to that, practicing habitat restoration in national parks.

The ongoing mission of Brown Environmentalist is to reimagine a more inclusive and just future by means of visual and in-depth storytelling. BE(EN) believes that only through accurate media and news representation made by BIPOC themselves will such a future and society exist; one created in the image of Brown, Black, and Indigenous folks themselves and not simply molded to structures upheld through white supremacy and settler colonialism. Brown Environmentalist was created to dismantle the traditional environmental narrative, while imagining and creating a future of land and People liberation, BIPOC healing and thriving, and a just, truly equitable planet.


all content, design, photos, ideas are created
by artist Michael A. Estrada, unless stated