The BEEN Grant is a mini-grant for anyone who identifies as a BIPOC artist: Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color.

Each grantee will receive up to $200 for their project. The goal isn’t to (necessarily) fund an entire project but rather help with what could be an expensive single cost or significant barrier to entry to a creative endeavor.

  • For example:
    - a microphone for a podcast;
    - an Adobe subscription;
    - funds toward a camera,
    - or new materials (paint, tools, and so on).

Grants will be awarded to folks who:

  1. Propose a clear project proposal with a clear use of the grant

  2. Strive to disrupt and inspire through their art

  3. Show need for the grant

Brief Criteria:

  • Emerging artist

  • Clear project proposal and need


  • Previous work shows potential to complete the proposed project in application

  • Project aligns with goals related to environmental or social justice

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Michael at I’ll do my best to answer as promptly as possible. Read more about the WHY here.



The inaugural round has ended. See grantees to learn more about their projects and follow on social media to hear about the next round, likely Fall 2019.