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organizations helping

Operation Agua - project created by a global coalition to purchase and distribute water filtration systems for households and classrooms devoted by the hurricanes. Began with the Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico (a teacher’s union and local affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers) and has an army of volunteers and staff who have local knowledge and relationships. Two part effort to distribute large-capacity water desalination/purification systems in central locations as well as single-family systems. 

World Central Kitchen - nonprofit by chef José Andrés has fed more Puerto Ricans in 70 locations than any other relief organization in Puerto Rico. The operations have hundreds of volunteers and has provided more than two million meals. WCK uses the power of food to strengthen communities  and NYT

Unidos Por Puerto Rico - provides support and assistance to individuals and small businesses devastated by Hurricanes Irma & Maria. Collaborates with NGO’s to provide immediate aid, assist small businesses in continuing operations, and educational outreach for available federal assistance programs.

Casa Pueblo - spearheaded a campaign to provide residents of Adjuntas with solar powered lamps in collaboration with LuminAID. They are an environmental watchdog, non profit that is committed to the protection of “natural, cultural and human resources”.

to know

FEMA contract called for 30 million meals but only 50,000 were delivered. FEMA denies that any deliveries were missed. Tribute Contractor is now suing the government about not specifying details in the order. (

The storm destroyed 80% of crops, 60% of the island without water, and almost all without power. (NY times

85% of the island is still without power following Hurricane Maria one month after Hurricane Maria hit. (Business insider

Doctors and nurses treated widespread symptoms of waterborne illnesses related to unclean water. Many are still collecting water from nearby springs and creeks which are not safe. Some know to boil this water, some do not or do not have the electricity/cooking stoves to do so.  (USA today