Volume 9.

Indigenous Women and Science Knowledge: The First Voice and Climate Change
(Silicon Republic, article)

Commentary: The Environmental Anthropology of Settler Colonialism, Part II
(Anthropology and Environment Society, blog post)

Racial Capitalocene: Is the Anthropocene Racial?
(Verso, article)

Defending the Environment Has Become a Suicide Mission in Many Parts of the World
(LA Times, article)

Revising ‘The Waste Land’: Black Antipastoral and the End of the World
(The Paris Review, article)

Is Anybody Home at Ben Carson’s HUD?
(New York Magazine, article)

The Ghost of Zora Neale Hurston
(The Paris Review, article)

How One Woman is Reclaiming Herbalism as a Form of Resistance
(Wear Your Voice Magazine, article)

1977: Poem for Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer
(Poetry Foundation, poem)

(Soundcloud, poem)

(Poem Hunter, poem)